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Staff Directory

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Executive Offices

Kimberly TruebaChief Executive Officer 702.385.3677
Jessica PattersonChief Financial Officer702.932.1916
Yvette Hairston Chief Mission Delivery Officer702.385.1131
Linda BridgesChief Communications Officer702.932.1914
Nicole Neal Director of Corporate Initiatives702.623.1573

Troop and Service Unit Support (Volunteer Training, Trips & Travel, and Troop/SU Support)

Tina CorderoMembership Support Manager702.385.3677
Nicolle PattonMembership Support Specialist702.385.3677
Heather Bradley Membership Support Specialist702.385.3677

Girl Experience (Camp, Outdoor, & Virtual Programs)

Rosana Romero-Correa*Director of Girl Experience 702.385.3677
Danielle BellProgram Manager702.385.3677
Ann Martinez*Program Coordinator702.385.3677

Customer Care

Amy ChavezDirector of Service Delivery and Project Management 702.385.3677
Jacqueline EckmanBusiness Intelligence Analyst 702.385.3677
Talitha Burris Customer Care Coordinator 702.385.3677

Girl and Volunteer Recruitment

Tina Perna Membership Recruitment Manager702.385.3677 ext. 131

Product Programs (Cookies & Fall Product)

Frances GutierrezDirector of Product Programs702.385.3677


Melina De Hoyos*Graphic Design & Marketing Manager 702.385.3677
Semaj Watts Marketing Specialist 702.385.3677

Special Events

Sage Hunt Special Events Manager702.385.3677

HR, Finance, and Retail

Tiffany Hernando-NadongaDirector of Accounting & Human Resources702.359.5230
Linda Soland-BergerAccounting Specialist (part-time)702.385.3677
Teresa Ramirez*Manager of Retail Sales702.385.3677


Nick Echler Property Manager 702.385.3677
David Labonte Camp Ranger 702.385.3677