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Volunteer Training

To ensure that volunteers gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully deliver a meaningful and safe Girl Scout experience, various training courses are offered throughout the year. All courses are designed to enhance and develop your knowledge, skills, abilities, and enthusiasm for Girl Scouting.

These courses are offered through a variety of methods so that volunteers can choose the option that best meets their needs: 


gslearn - Girl Scouts Online Learning Platform


In-Person Trainings (in-person trainings are currently on pause)


Find out what's offered by logging into gsLearn or checking our Events List or Calendar

Leader Training

These trainings are required to be appointed as a GSSNV Girl Scout Leader

New Leader Flight Plan in gsLearn
Required before meeting with troop/group
After completing a GSSNV membership and criminal background check, any volunteer who wishes to be a Troop Leader must complete this on-line learning path. It is an orientation to the Girl Scout basics, ways to participate, what Girl Scouts do, and more.  This is available through gsLearn at any time. 

Leader Orientation
Required before meeting with troop/groupMeet in person or virtually with a GSSNV Volunteer and Membership Support Staff Member to learn about Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada and have your all your questions answered.  

CPR/First Aid Certification
Required for one approved volunteer in the troop/group before meeting or conducting activities, recommended for both leaders 
This course provides lifesaving skills.  At least one approved volunteer is required to have a certification on file with GSSNV and be present whenever girls are in attendance.  This training may be completed through GSSNV or through an approved certifying agency.  Please see below for additional details.


These trainings are required to be completed within the first 3 months of being appointed a GSSNV Girl Scout Leader

Finance 101
Learn what it takes to manage troop finances, keep accurate financial records for the troop and understand bank account basics.  We’ll discuss the GSSNV Annual Treasury report, ensuring you are ready to submit this required documentation on time.

Volunteer Toolkit Tutorials
This is a four-part video series about the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit for Troop Leaders.

Trainings for Field Trips and Travel

Girl Scouts on the Go! 
Required before taking girls on day trips or having any overnight experiences
This one-hour training will cover everything you need to know about driving precautions, overnight lodging, insurance, forms, and much more. 

This is a required training for at least one leader when a troop plans to go on a field trip outside our council boundaries or any overnight no matter the location. 

This training is a prerequisite to Outdoor Basics.

Outdoor Basics
Required before taking girls tent camping or conducting outdoor adventures.
This adult overnight training is designed to teach basic skills needed to lead a troop outdoors. It will include outdoor cooking, fire safety, tent camping, outdoor safety and more. This is a hands-on outdoor experience led by experienced volunteers.

GSSNV requires Outdoor Basics training be completed by at least one leader prior to any outdoor camping overnights, using fire or when conducting outdoor adventure experiences  with Girl Scouts.

Volunteers are required to complete Girl Scouts on the Go! training prior to attending Outdoor Basics training

Additional Trainings

Service Unit Trainings
Service Unit Team Members are required to view trainings through the GSSNV YouTube channel as well as read through their role description prior to completing the GSSNV SU Position Agreement

Product Program Training
Required trainings are determined by the GSSNV Product Program Department and are needed for Fall Product and Cookie Programs.

Additional Enrichment Trainings
Additional enrichment trainings are offered both in person and online that provide development and support for our volunteers. While additional trainings aren’t required, they are recommended as continuing education and enrichment opportunities.

CPR & First Aid Certification Requirements

CPR and First Aid Certification is required for at least 1 adult volunteer present at all Girl Scout activities. GSSNV must have a valid proof of certification on record prior to the first meeting or activity of the Girl Scout year.

Volunteers may take the CPR and First Aid certification course they choose so long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Certification must be at least 51% in person. Blended learning courses are permitted as long as more than half the course is instructed in person. No fully online certifications will be accepted from any agency.
  • Certifications must include adult and pediatric CPR, First Aid, and AED training.
  • Certifications must be from one of the following certifying agencies:
    • American Red Cross
    • American Health and Safety Institute
    • American Heart Association
    • Emergency Care and Safety Institute
    • EMS Safety
    • National Safety Council
  • Certifications must be submitted to

Volunteers with professional certifications that supersede CPR and First Aid certification may submit proof of professional certification such as a valid Nevada license or employer’s ID badge (must include position listed on badge). Valid professional certifications include MD, EMT, RN, CNA, but additional certification may be accepted pending GSSNV review.

For large events—200 people or more—there should be one first aid certified person for every 200 participants.

Per Safety Activity Checkpoints, water activities require an adult(s) with an American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguard and/or American Red Cross Basic Water Rescue certification. Always check Safety Activity Checkpoints prior to planning any activity. 

Additional certifications, such as Wilderness First Aid may be required as specified by Safety Activity Checkpoints. Although Wilderness First Aid is not usually required, it is strongly recommended when traveling with groups in areas that are greater than 30 minutes from EMS. 

Becoming a  Girl Scout Troop Leader is easy following the GSSNV New Leader Path!  Reach out to us at to get started today!