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Flag Etiquette and Retirement training

Sat Jun 10, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
Community Service
Juniors, Daisies, Seniors, Volunteers, Cadettes, Ambassadors, Brownies, Pre-K

The American flag is an important symbol to Girl Scouts. We wear it proudly on our vests and sashes, and if any of you have been to a Girl Scout event, chances are youve seen or participated in a flag ceremony. Flag ceremonies are the perfect way to start and end a whole host of activities, from special events to camp to Court of Awards or bridging ceremoniesor any other ceremony, for that matter!


Girls and adults are welcome to sign up for this flag etiquette and retirement training. Learn to properly care for and display the American flag as well as how to participate in a flag ceremony, practice carrying the flags, learn how to fold a flag, and learn how to properly retire the American flag.All girls and adults who complete this training are welcome to participate in the Flag Retirement Ceremony at the GSSNV Headquarters on Flag Day, June 14, 2023.


This training is also the first step in joining the GSSNV Color Guard Team for the 2023-2024 membership year. Adults and girls who are Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador level are welcome to apply to be on GSSNV Color Guard Team for the 2023-2024 membership year. An additional color guard training will be required before being placed on the team.