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Everything is more fun with a friend! And that includes being a Girl Scout Volunteer! From November 1-December 1, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada is partnering with GSUSA to offer volunteers who recruit a friend to start a new K–5 troop $50 to use at Girl Scouts’ Official Online Store. The person you successfully recruit to volunteer will get a new Volunteer Resource Pack (a Girl’s Guide, a Journey set, a badge pack, a tote, and pins)!


So here's how it works: 



Think of someone who would be an EXCELLENT Girl Scout role model and then consider the girls they could encourage to become involved. Tell them the huge impact they could have on girls in the community and the wonderful experiences they’ll enjoy as a Girl Scout troop leader!


Once your new volunteer has decided she/he wants to be involved, make sure to tell them where to find the volunteer application (hint: Print a paper version here) so that they can begin the process.  


Check in with your new volunteer along the way. See where they are in the process. Did they find and complete the application online? Are they ready to fill out a membership registration form?  


Until December 1, you can submit your information at Be sure to have the following information for the new volunteer: Name, City, Zip Code, Phone Number, Email Address.  


Once everything is complete and verified by GSSNV, your friend will receive an email to order their Volunteer Resource Pack, and you’ll receive $50 to use at the national online store.


Start looking for girls to involve - now that we’ve got a new troop started! 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Who is eligible to invite a friend?
A: All currently registered adult volunteers. You do not have to be a current troop leader or co-leader.

Q: Who is eligible to be recruited?
A: Any awesome, enthusiastic, fun-loving adult who is not a currently registered GSSNV troop leader! Recruited volunteers must start a NEW troop in the K-5 age range in order to receive the resource pack. Current co-leaders and past leaders or co-leaders are eligible as long as they start a NEW troop in the K-5 age range.

Q: How many volunteers can I recruit?
A: You will receive a gift code for up to $100 for two new volunteers. Although you will not receive another $50 for any additional recruits after two, more are always welcome! 

Q: When will we get our coupon codes and resource packs?
A: Gift codes and program materials will be sent out by Girl Scouts of the USA once all three requirements of the promotion have been fulfilled:

  • You have submitted your information at
  • The volunteer you recruit has completed a volunteer application and background check.
  • GSSNV has confirmed that the volunteer you recruited has started a new troop.

The coupon codes and program resources will be distributed after verification of new troop start up. The coupon for the Girl Scouts of the USA online shop expires February 28, 2015.

Q: Can the coupon code be used at a GSSNV Shop?
A: Unfortunately, it is only valid on the Girl Scouts of the USA online shop.