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Play it Safe: Self Defense for Young Girls - CLOSED

Sat Jan 19, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada
Mon Dec 03, 9:00 AM - Fri Jan 04, 5:00 PM
Program Type:
Life Skills
2, 3, 4, 5
Brownie, Junior
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:
Maximum Attendance:

In partnership with Defense in Heels, PLAY IT SAFE is a fun, interactive, age appropriate self-defense method that teaches Brownies and Juniors to respond appropriately to unique challenges they might face including: dealing with bullies, friendship drama, stranger awareness, in-appropriate touch from someone they might know, and abduction defense.

PLAY IT SAFE is based on a simple but very effective step-by-step approach where students role-play their techniques against trained instructors in age-appropriate scenarios. This empowering class teaches children ages 7 to 11 years to be aware of their surroundings, project confidence, set boundaries with their voice, and trust their intuition.This is reinforced through hands-on, repetitive training. Brownies and Juniors will role-play with a mock "stranger" and a mock "bully", while being coached by an instructor. Wear casual, comfortable clothes and bring bottled water. Girl Scouts will earn the Play It Safe Go Chihuahua Crazy! fun patch.

Adults are required to register for this event.
Troops must be chaperoned by at least 2 unrelated adults.
Individual girls must be chaperoned by 1 adult.