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Fall Product Seller Resources

2020 Important Fall Product Dates By Month:

September 1 In-person order taking starts and online storefronts go live
September 15 Troop Opt-Out Form Due 
September 23 Test ACH - Penny Sweep
October 5 Final day for Fall Product Coordinators to enter in-person sales    
October 7 SUEM & Entrepreneurship Team verifies all troops participating in the Fall Product Program have entered in-person/order card sales
October 17 Fall Product arrives for troops to begin to pick up at Bekins Storage (4210 W. Sobb Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89118)    
October 30

Girl delivery, direct ship, and magazine orders end 

Last day to pick up re-orders from Bekins Warehouse

November 2 Start date to submit Delinquent Account Forms to Council via Webform
November 4 Initial ACH Sweep - 50% of Balance owed to Council    
November 10 Reward Orders are due
November 14 Final date to submit Delinquent Account Forms to Council via Webform
November 18 Final ACH - remaining balance due to Council
January 2021
Early January 2021 Recognitions delivered to Service Unit Entrepreneur Managers
Mid-January 2021 All recognition shortages or damages resolved

Important Fall Product Documents: 

Manuals & Guides
Forms & Agreements
M2 Contact Information & Training
Troop Activities
Fall Booths
Shipping Chart

Product Subtotal


2 Day

$0.01 - $15.00



$15.01 - $30.00



$30.01 - $45.00



$45.01 - $60.00



$60.01 - $75.00



Every additional $15

+ $3.50

+ $7.50


Fall Product Season Promotions & Contests:

Sleuthing for Sarah Sloth

Find Sarah Sloth at Juliette Low's Birthday Drive-by Trunk R Treat Parade and take a picture with her to be entered in a raffle to take her home!

Winner to be notified by email by 11/7. 

Magazine Melee

Interested in winning a Nintendo Switch Lite or Custom Converse? The melee begins for all Girl Scout Fall Product Program Entrepreneurs. Girls who sell a magazine subscription now through October 30th will be entered in a raffle to win! 

The winner will be notified by email by 11/7.

To the Finish Line

It's a dash to the finish line! As girls push to finish strong toward accomplishing their Fall Product goals, we have one more contest to help get into the selling spirit. When girls submit a nut re-order now through October 30th they will be entered to win an American Girl Doll of choice and Remote Control Car OR Air Pods.

The winner will be notified by e-mail by 11/7. 


Girl Scout Spirit Coloring Book Contest

Calling all Girl Scouts! Would you like your creative drawing design to be seen by all girls that participate in the Cookie Product Program? Your challenge is to create a black and white drawing that shows us your Girl Scout Spirit. Shout it loud, shout it proud, we’re Girl Scouts! 

Submit your drawing by December 16, 2020 and your artwork could be selected to be in our 1st ever Cookie Program coloring book!

Girl Scouts whose artwork is selected will receive a special gift “Mint” for them sequin wristlet. One (1) Grand prize winner will receive a year subscription to Apple Music via Apple gift card. (12 winners in total)

To Enter:
Read the Contest Rules and Eligibility before participating.
Create your coloring page using the Design Form and submit here.  

Contact Council at 702-385-3677 or if you need more information.

Designs are selected by the Service Unit Entrepreneur Team. Winners will be notified by phone and e-mail.


Virtual Selling in 2020

Troops not comfortable with meeting in person can still participate in the Fall Product program. We can set-up the troop to do all selling online. How this is done:

  • Parent meeting is completed via Zoom
  • All forms are completed online with digital signatures
  • Troops can have virtual booth set-up in M2 (Council will set-up)
  • Girls in the troop set-up their digital store and upload videos
  • Customers can be emailed and the troop can advertise their participation online
  • At the end of the program the troop can split the troop sales between all the girls
  • Mini-drop will still be in-person pick-up at the warehouse

If you would like help setting up your troop please let your SUEM know and we will prepare the troop for a mostly virtual program


Troop Leader Trainings

For local training in your Service Unit, please contact your Service Unit Entrepreneur Manager.

Virtual Trainings are offered for leaders using the 2020 GSSNV Council Fall Product Program Training Form.

Need a different date outside of these dates? No worries, contact your Service Unit or email Customer Service at


Meet our Mascot: Three-Toed Pygmy Sloth

  • Found living on Isla Escudo de Veraguas off the coast of Panama
  • It is the smallest of the three toed sloths and was only recognized as a species in 2001
  • Habitat destruction is the largest threat to the species
  • Sloths can swim
  • A unique species of green algae is found on the fur and is considered symbiotic, providing camouflage without detriment to their health
  • Population <100
  • Size around 6 pounds
  • Eats primarily leaves of red mangroves