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Calico Basin

Calico is a 30 acre, year round, day use facility operated by Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada. It is for use by Girl Scout troops/groups ONLY. Calico is located in the Red Rock Recreational Area in Calico Basin.

Calico is an unimproved, desert property. There are picnic tables and several hiking trails. There is also an Amphitheater area. There is no water, nor permanent restrooms (portable units will be provided). From mid-spring through mid-fall, it will get quite hot. THERE IS NO SHADE! This location also is known for its strong gusts of wind. This is a low-impact area. As such, you are asked to keep to the trails whenever possible and walk softly on the land if you need to leave the trail. The desert environment may look hardy, but it is in fact, fragile.