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2012 Gold Award Recipients

Jessica Joseph
Bone Marrow Drive

Jessica’s Take Action project focused on work with the National Bone Marrow Registry to help children who are diagnosed with cancer in the state of Nevada.  She published her own poster to spread the news of her project, and distributed it to various institutions and organizations, including the Girl Scouts and also published two sets of brochures about bone marrow donation that will be used by the National Bone Marrow Registry in their future efforts.  Lastly, the event at St. Rose Hospital was shown and publicized with Vegas-TV (KTUD) with the assistance of the NBMR. With the publicity and work she did on behalf of the National Bone Marrow Registry and the NVCCF, Jessica was able to increase the amount of people who signed up and donated to 1120 people in all locations over the two days.

Brittany Lesperance
A Foster Care Christmas

Brittany’s Take Action project brought community awareness to the need for foster care families for homeless youth in Clark County.  Her goals included community education through presentations, and planning and facilitating a Christmas Party for 350 youth enrolled in the Clark County foster care system in partnership with the Department of Family Services.  Brittany made community presentations to more than 375 people promoting the need for foster care and donations towards the Christmas event, resulting in collection of more than 800 donated items.  Brittany organized collection of a wish list from each child and ensured that she secured all items requested on the kids’ wish lists.  She even had enough donations to provide a supply of gifts for youth new to the foster care system.  Her community education campaign resulted in an increase in the total number of adult attending foster care training and ultimately more foster care families to support kids in need.

Jordan Orris
A Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes

Jordan’s Take Action project focused on the community issue of children without shoes.  Her project A Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes, raised awareness that more than 300 million children are without a pair of shoes or proper footwear worldwide.  Jordan partnered with the Soles4shoes organization because they had the ability to reach children on a global level through their relief efforts for natural disasters.  They have often been the first on the scene in places like Haiti and Japan where natural disasters have occurred.  Jordan developed an educational flyer and leveraged the power of social media through a Facebook event page inviting her friends and neighbors to donate and help her raise awareness.  Jordan was able to collect more than 800 shoes that will benefit individuals all over the world.

Lily Stolar
Say No to Bullying

Lily’s Take Action project focused on the community issue of bullying.  Her project:  Say No to Bullying brought awareness on the causes and effects of bullying, as well as how to spot and stop bullying behaviors.  Lily’s goals included community education as well as anti-bullying workshops for youth.  She delivered presentations to more than 500 individuals in the states of Nevada and Arizona, including girls attending Camp Foxtail in the summer of 2011.  Lily developed an anti-bullying brochure which she used for her educational campaign; she distributed more than 1700 brochures in three different cities.


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