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2011 Gold Award Recipients


Ashley Chase
National Immunization Day

Ashley traveled to India to assist providing families with Polio vaccines and immunizations. She participated and helped at booths set up around the villages near the schools and hospitals where families would bring their children. She also walked the streets of the village, going door-to-door to provide vaccines that will save children’s lives. Hundreds of children were given immunizations during the two days she spent there on her project.

Jessaca Frakes
A Helping Hand

Jessaca’s project addressed children that are staying long-term in hospitals by themselves because their parents don’t have necessary supplies they need to stay with their children. She passed out fliers to churches and other locations to ask for donations and to raise awareness of this unfortunate issue. Jessaca then worked with a team to make 300 supply bags needed to maintain good hygiene and personal needs and donated them to the St. Rose Hospital. Jessaca hopes that by starting this project, it will spread to other hospitals in different states and will eventually become a national project.

Shelby Maas
Bullying Awareness

With a growing number of children being affected by bullying, Shelby felt it was important to help children understand more about bullying and to provide tools to solve bullying problems. Shelby created brochures and passed them out at presentations and workshops that she hosted. Her project has been approved by the Juvenile Justice Center in a grant to the Clark County School District. She printed $1,000 in brochures, of which 1,000 were mailed to radKIDS, a not-for-profit educational organization.  The remaining brochures will be used by the Juvenile Justice Center and Clark County School District for years to come.

Sabina Manzini
Foster Child Resource Books

Sabina learned that there are over 3,000 children in foster care in Nevada, but there is no comprehensive resource for information about foster care available to these children. Sabina approached the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada to help update the resource booklet, write articles and worked with lawyers to help produce the final edit for the printers. Copies of this resource will be given to the Legal Aid Center for foster care children ages 11-18. Sabina hopes that this will empower the children to know their rights and take action as decisions are made that will impact their lives.


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